7 Wardrobe Staples for Office Wear for Women that make you feel like a Boss

Here's our drool-worthy guide for wadrobe staples for office wear for women. Feel like a boss with our styling guide and never fail to impress with your office attire. 

A Perfectly Tailored Skirt

Pleated Skirt for Women

Whether you pair it with a plain t-shirt or a sharp blouse, a skirt that actually fits and flatters your body will become your favourite item in your closet. Click here to check it out

The Power Shoe

Formal Shoes for Women for Office Wear

It doesn't matter if you’re a single sole pump kind of girl or someone who never wears heels—everyone needs a pair of shoes that puts you in a takes-no-shit sort of mood. Check one here

Day-to-Night Dress

Day-to-Night Dresses for Women Online in India

Find a dress that can easily transition from the office to your favourite lounge, because you'll never forgive yourself for missing a happy hour because you had to rush home after work to change. Check one here.

A Structured Bag

 Handbags for Office for Women


Nothing says "I got this" like a bag that sits by itself on the boardroom table (and is big enough to hold your laptop). Check one here

Flared Pants for Women

Flared Pants for Women for Office Wear

Not only does this flattering cut work on most body types, but it's also super versatile. We love this option from our production house, which is literally called "smart." Check one here.

Fuss-Free Jewelry

Jewelry for Women for Work Wear

Own a jewellery you can wear every day in a classic style that looks neither overdone or simplistic. Click here to explore.

An Easy Button Down

White Shirt for Women for Office Wear

You can never have too many white button-down shirts, but to avoid looking like a cater waiter, find one with minor details like this polka dot white shirt. Here is one for you. 

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