4 Pieces of Jewelry for Office Wear that Every Working Woman Should Own

You need to be well-turned without the luxury of time. As you juggle your various roles, the all-rounder you will need jewellery that can carry you seamlessly from long days in office to nights out without missing a beat. They're great budget-friendly investments and the perfect initiation into a working woman's world of precious jewellery. Here are five ways you can use them.


Office Wear Jewelry for Women - Studs

They're a working woman's most trusted, go-to pieces of jewellery. Studs also have the added advantage of complementing almost all other kinds of jewellery. A single pearl in a delicate diamond setting can immediately lift an outfit - Indian and Western, without taking attention away from it. The great thing about pearls is their versatility: they're sexy, elegant and subtle, all at the same time. If your work requires you to wear dresses, these studs will be the perfect icing on the cake. 


Office Wear Jewelry for Women - Hoops

Every working woman should invest in a pair of solid gold hoops. If you're looking to add a bit of zing to the classic hoops, buy one with pearl detail. For office wear, it's preferable to stay away from very large hoops as they can overwhelm your look. Hoops are perfect for the days when you're heading for a date straight from office or for after-work drinks at a bar. They will go really well with this epic dress.


Office Wear Jewelry for Women - Rings

They are a sleeker, more elegant alternative to cocktail rings; these statement pieces can complete your look without the need for any other jewellery and won't burn a crater-sized hole in your pocket. Opt for gold bands that are plain or textured. You can play around with the width of the band and even mix them - white, yellow and rose gold bands together. Add one with a single-pearl or diamond set in the mix for more formal occasions. The great thing about stacked rings is the flexibility they give you to increase or decrease the number of bands, depending upon your outfit. Wear them with this awesome co-ordinate :)


Office Wear Jewelry for Women - Pendant

Pendant necklaces can go a long way in highlighting a delicate collarbone or taking attention away from bulky shoulders. If you're of a slight build, pick a short pendant necklace with a slim chain. You cannot go wrong with a pearl pendant strung along a simple gold chain. If you're trying to draw the eye away from your shoulders, pair your v-neck blouses and button-up shirts with a longer chain with a chunky pendant.

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