5 Ways to Transition Summer Clothes for Winters

Winters are here and as much as we love sipping our hot cocoa in the mornings, we are truly missing our summer closet. Change in seasons should not be a reason to pack away all those beautiful clothing until next year. Here are some fun and exciting ways to re-use your summer office clothes in winters without investing money in a brand-new fall wardrobe.

  1. Reuse Your Dresses

Let’s be honest! We are totally waiting for the sun to shine again so that we can wear our favorite one-and-done dresses. But there’s a way to style our easy-breezy summer dresses for fall.

Pair your knee-length sheath and shift dresses with warm stockings or thermal leggings. Layer with trenches and warm coats to beat the chill while you flaunt your summer dresses in winters.

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  1. Shirt & Sweaters

Wondering how to style your chunky-knit for the zoom-call with your client? Here’s a quick fix. Wear your formal shirt underneath your sweater. Let the collar, sleeve cuffs and bottom hemline peek through the knit. Leave your collar un-buttoned and fix your cuffs. A crisp bottom is all you need to finish this attire. (However, wearing comfy pajamas underneath did cross our minds)

  1. Twirl-Worthy Skirts

Pleated and Cotton Skirts sure seem like a summer staple but the trick to style them for winters is to slide in a pair of thermal-innerwear to keep you cozy. On top, style a cute jumper to complete the look. For date-nights or casual outings, a leather jacket paired with a Maxi Skirt and boots is all you need to look chic.

  1. Shirt Dresses to the rescue

Have your Sleeveless shirt Dresses taken a back-seat in your closet? Styling them for fall is super easy. Slide in your warmest bottoms and jumpers. On top, un-button your dress and layer it as a shrug.

  1. The Jumpsuit-Crew

Yes, jumpsuits are not only for summers. A crew or turtle neck can be easily paired underneath your jumpsuit for keeping you warm and cozy.

Lastly, the trick to transition your summer wardrobe for this winter is to Layer, Layer, Layer. You can try the same hacks with your cami-tops and dresses worn on top of warm turtle-necks or a pair of maybe layer your short winter dresses over long summer dresses for a fashionista-vibe.

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