How To Slay Your Outfit Game While Working From Home

Whether you have back-to-back presentations that you need to take in a formal setting or it’s a day of Zoom calls in bed, say goodbye to your boring sweatpants for stylish yet comfortable work from home clothes. You can nail waist-up dressing with the help of fuss-free tops and formal pants. Jumpsuits and formal dresses can help you get work-ready in no-time. You can create business casual outfits that power you throughout the day in style. Here are some Work From Home Fashion Tips

1.  Get Ready for Work from Home Mode

While working from home, it’s important to not lose sight of the act of getting ready for work. Getting dressed and applying a little bit of makeup every morning will help you mentally switch over to work mode. Even if you have no plans to leave the house that day, wearing your work from home pants and a basic white polka stars ruffle top will never leave you in a scramble for last-minute Zoom meetings. 

2.  Slide out of Your Comfort Zone 

Despite the comfort that loungewear and pyjamas offer, they are a roadblock in your work from home fashion journey. We recommend you to wear Comfort Fit Blue Jeggings as they are cozy and give you a complete feel of being in an actual office. Add your favorite blazer for a meeting if you want to otherwise jeggings can be paired right with absolutely any shirt or top. 

3.  Strike a Style-Comfort Balance 

Working from home means there is no properly-equipped desk or a chair. It is necessary to find a healthy balance between comfort and style. Thus, opt for pieces such as cotton button-ups, wide-leg work from home pants, fitted cardigans, and house dresses that allow you to sit any way you want. Items such as High Waist Wide-leg Beige Trousers and Off-white Moss Floral Shift Dress are soft enough to withstand mid-afternoon poor postures and also stretchy. 

4.  Establish a Uniform

Having a uniform lends structure to the day especially for those who are used to corporate or office environments. This is the foundation of high-quality essentials that are reliable and you can wear your Work From home business attire often. A go-to uniform can be solid leggings, a Classic Collar White Polka Shirt, and a comfortable yet stylish cardigan. You can also go for Navy Tapered Pants, suede loafers, a blazer, and add some personal jewelry to it. 

5.  Shine bright 

Last, but not least, when it comes to video calls, striped or colored tops are sure to make a statement. Even if your calendar is meeting free, bright pieces will make getting dressed at home a little bit more fun. Bright colors always look better and these home-wear clothes for ladies are proof of that: Yellow Polka Maxi Dress and Navy Front Overlay V-Neck Top

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