How to Build Trust with your Manager at Work?

At workplaces, it is quite common to face situations where you can be assigned a new manager or you are assigned to a different project/team leaving with you a new superior. You have to start from scratch to build a rapport of trust and understanding without coming out as pushy and needy. In such circumstances, here are some effective ways to build an honest and trust-worthy equation with your Manager at work. Your relationship with your direct superior or manager is the most significant factor for your job satisfaction and growth.

The first step to build the foundation of a workplace relationship is to be reliable. Be punctual at work, meetings, client calls, etc. If you are in a work-from-home scenario, log in as per the scheduled time. Prepare your observations and inputs by studying the agenda of the meeting/call beforehand.

Embrace the collective mission. Establish yourself as a team player by contributing to the team tasks. Take initiative by volunteering for projects, offering ideas for support and growth, and acknowledging the contributions of fellow people to build positivity.

Listen, before you speak. Be an active listener to understand the scope of your responsibilities & duties clearly. Understand your manager’s goals and the expected outcomes. This in turn will help you to anticipate your Manager’s needs and expectations and deliver your contribution more effectively.

During brainstorming sessions and project meets, use positive language to set the tone right for any discussion. Stay away from negative talk and gossip grapevine to maintain your peace and calm.   While discussing sensitive topics, ensure a tactful approach. Having empathy and patience are considered as valuable attributes. Be gentle yet assertive while putting forth an alternate perspective and always remain open-minded to fresh insights and ideas.

These simple strategies are keys to great Manager-Report relationships and if done right, can pave a long way towards your job satisfaction and professional growth. 

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