Best Work From Home Outfit Ideas In 2023

This last year has been all about staying in and working from home outfits, but we are not complaining! It’s easy, it’s flexible and most of all you don’t have to worry about dressing up every morning. Though comfort is the key, working in sweatpants is not such a great idea. You must step out of your pyjamas as soon as you get up as you never know when you may be required to hop onto a zoom call or have a one to one with a client. This not only keeps you on your toes but also increases your productivity. We are not saying that you need to wear your favorite outfits, but your work from home fashion game must still give a professional-feel. Here are some of the work from home outfit ideas to slay your work from home outfit game:

1. Jumpsuits

A one-hued jumpsuit is ideal for long days. As you are required to sit down for hours, we suggest you go for jumpsuits with flared bottoms just like our Khaki and Ash Grey Pleated Jumpsuit with belt. These pieces are flowy, trendy, and professional, making them the best work at home clothes.


2. Work From Home Tops 

When working from home, basic non-dressy yet presentable tops are the need of the hour. The material should be such that you can wear them round the clock. This is where Runwayin’s collection of stylish and chic work-from-home tops steps in. Our classic solids, pretty polkas, and timeless stripes make for the best work at home clothes. If you have to take a con-call in bed or give a virtual presentation from your couch, these fuss-free and light tops can be really helpful. You can even wear our Black Polka Dots Ruffle Top with statement danglers for a virtual office party. 


3. Dresses

Dresses are, without a doubt, the most effortlessly stylish piece of clothing. Dressing up will motivate you to get up and seize the day. If you are looking for comfortable dresses to wear at home, you must check our dress collection. For a breezy WHF look, you can go for our Viscose Twill Flare Belted Midi Dress or our Multicolor Floral Shift Dress. These pieces are your single solution to weekday blues. 


4. Co-ord sets

If you love to stay in your pajamas all day long, then Loungewear co-ord sets should be your clothes for working from home. The Co-ords are stylish, comfortable, and require absolutely no effort. Loungewear at Runwayin includes polka dots, tie and dye, and stripes that allow it to be worn daily for work from home. Check out our Indigo Stripes Cotton Loungewear Set and Willow Green Cotton Loungewear Set. We are sure these will soon become your new favorite WFH clothing.  


5. Jeggings

Pants at home don’t sound like a great idea. Jeggings strike the right balance between formal and casual bottoms. They are super versatile and can be styled for literally any occasion. From a zoom meeting to a catchup session with your colleagues, our Comfort Fit Jeggings are ideal, especially when you might have to stand up and present in front of a camera from a distance. The right pair of jeggings is the best investment you can make towards your work at home clothes collection

If you are looking to buy comfortable clothes to wear at home, then Runwayin is the perfect place designed to help you do just that. It is a fashion-forward choice for every working woman to take care of all their styling needs under one roof. Our collection includes various semi-formal and formal shirts, pants, dresses, tops, jumpsuits, etc. Not only this, but we also provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience with express shipping. You get exactly what you see online at your doorstep in 5-6 business days. We aim to provide you the latest styles and comfortable clothes for working from home at affordable prices. Happy Shopping!

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